Sharing Some Knowlege

I'm sure that most of you know about this, but I want to drop a little science about some of the free websharing/webhosting sites out there. With these sites, you can upload files (up to 250mb @ Megaupload) and in turn, it generates a link for you or anyone for that matter to download the file you just uploaded. This is great if you're a musician collaborating online with another musician, you can simply transfer your large song files back and forth without the need of a dedicated server.

So can't I do the same thing by sending an email attatchment?

Yes, but most email servers put limits on the file size that can be uploaded or downloaded or both. So to get you started, here are some of the better webhost/file-sharing sites:

RAPIDSHARE (pretty fast but you can only download so much per hour and then you have to wait unless you buy a premium account. The do have whats called HAPPY HOURS in which all download counters are removed and you can d-load as much as you can handle within that time. At the moment, HAPPY HOURS are between 9pm-11pm EST)

MEGAUPLOAD (this is nice one seeing as you can upload files up to 250mb in size. The downside is that sometimes the downloads can be incredibly SLOW)

QUICKFILE (this is nice and as the name implies; quick but you are limited to 50mb uploads. You can always use a file splitting utility to reduce your file size and create multiple downloads if the upload size is an issue)

YOUSENDIT (this was the first web-sharing site that I used and its very nice, quick, and simple. You're allowed to attach as much as 1gb worth of data but I've personally had issues with it handling anything over 200mb so I suggest you keep it small. The downside (for some users) is that the share link will only be active for seven days or until you manually delete the link yourself)

And lastly and most certainly not least, how come I never saw this Bud Light commercial?