The Mutts Nutts or The Bees Knees

Vinyl clad and vampish, this international electro-pop outfit stands proudly behind their vintage keyboards, rhythm boxes and New Wave lineage. Combining the Euro-trash flair of Stereo Total with the dance-pop sounds of electronic music's yesteryear, Ladytron produce a sound that parallels fellow neo-synth rockers, Chicks on Speed. But, as with any talented, schooled and crafty artist, such comparisons do little justice to their overall cultural project. Download an advance of their album The Witching Hour here.

At this site, you can view archived web-pages from back in the day and why exactly would one want to view archived web-pages from back in the day? I have no clue...

Do you know how to call in sick to work when you're not really sick? Check out this how-to and gain some priceless knowledge. I've always acted a little ill on the day or night prior to me calling out sick as this makes the whole charade a little more convincing in my opinion.

This is an excellent source of Windows XP tweaks to optimize your system for audio use.

This is a cool Blog with wierd, odd, and insightful music stuff....It's really hard to explain the content, but it's definately worth checkin' out.