Fistful of Linkage

Well not too much to say today but I do have a fistful of linkage for ya...

I redid the graphics on my website yesterday so be sure you give it a glance or two.

So did anyone catch Over There earlier? Man, that is one kick-ass show. I predict that in a year or two when it comes out on DVD, I most certainly will own it. And speaking of ownage...

Stick it to P-Diddy & Bad Boy Records and download Bad Boy's 10th Anniversary - The Hits without giving him a dime of your hard-earned money! Download the album here.

Ever read The Art of War by Sun Tzu? Well have you ever had it read to you? Download the audiobook here.

Do ya want some classic punk rock shit including songs by the Beastie Boys, Minor Treat, Black Flag, Necros, Fear, Dead Kennedys, and lots of others? Check this and prepare to riot.

Okay I'm sure whats the deal with this site here but its called Stuff On My Cat and it features pictures guessed it; stuff on cats. Wow, and I thought I had too much time on my hands.

And speaking of's a nice collection of airborne cat pics. Hmmm. Again somebody has WAY too much freetime on their hands.

Ha! Check out this video of some idiot aligator wrestler who definatley had it coming. Its not too bloody so its safe for the whole family.

This is a Flash game called Lust For Bust. You have to try to peek down your best friends sister's shirt and not have her catch you. You control the guy (who looks a little like yours truly) with your mouse and you only have 60 seconds. I've been playing it for the past few days and I still keep getting caught (just like in real life).

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