Mad Dog Twenty-Twenty

I'm sure at some point during your youth, you probably gave some shady looking guy outside a convenience store money to go inside and buy some MD 20/20 or Cisco for you and your friends, right? Anyway...Earlier at Winn-Dixie I saw this bottle on the shelves and noticed that under the MD logo was a gold chain and plate that says (of all things) BLING-BLING. Talk about targeting a certain demographic. In my days, there was no blue-raspberry flavor or silly bling-bling graphics just pure, nasty purple wine that tasted like cough medicine. about old school. It was cheap and it would get you wrecked pretty quick assuming you didn't vomit upon your first guzzle. Many-a-night was fueled on this crap and I could drop so many me. On a sidenote, the company that makes MD 20/20 (also known as Mad Dog) is also the same company that makes Manischewitz wine (Mogen David) so keep that in mind next Passover as you sip some of it's sweet purple goodness.