Factory Reset on The Akai Miniak

For any of you that own the Akai Miniak, you may have noticed that the factory reset instructions in the manual don't work. For some, this probably isn't a big deal, but over the past year, I've really  made a mess of things and wanted a fresh start. More so, when I bought my Miniak, it was the last one in stock, and unfortunately, it was the floor model so a lot of the patches were edited or renamed. Randomly, I stumbled upon an article last night that provided updated instructions for initializing the Miniak, and low and behold; it worked! It goes without saying that this will delete any custom patches and sequences you've created, however if you're using HyperSynth's Miniak Editor, you can always back up/restore your patches via MIDI/USB.  

Now, for the instructions...

Power Miniak off
Press & hold |Octave Down| |Sequences| |Programs|
Power Miniak on

At this point, you should receive the following message:

Config is reset. 
You may restart.

Turn the Miniak off and once you restart, she'll be fresh as a daisy!