All That Cat Scratchin' Is Making Me Itch

Typically when I start posting pics of the cats, it's a pretty good indication that I'm musically void, however this pic of Keek is most definitely an exception. I've been working on a lot of tracks lately which span the gamut from jazz/funk instrumentals to angry, pissed-off punk rock. Over the past year or so, I've really shifted my focus from drum machine/sequencer/synth driven production to more organic and live instrumentation, but that's not to say this is where I'll remain forever. As of now, the short-term plan is to release an E.P. within the next few months with some fuzz-bass heavy, psychedelic instrumentals as well as a few high-energy/super-spastic punky tracks. I know I've been talking about a punk project for a while, but I think it's finally time to either shit, or get off the pot, and since getting off the pot isn't really an option; I guess it's time to shit. Stay tuned!