Not-So-Free-Association Part 2

Dolphin bites boy @ Sea World: revenge for being molested by tourists and being fed sterilized sardines everyday. GO NATURE!!!

Mel Gibson's DUI: a little too much Jesus Juice?

Strippers That Dance To Kraftwerk: unique but not very sexy.

Tropical Storm Chris: apathy...Again; GO NATURE!!!

War In The Middle-East: Armageddon is in effect, go get a late pass.

My cat Tuxi: solid and stable.

Theme Song: DJ Shadow - Mutual Slump.

Movie the moment: War Of The Worlds or The 40 Year Old Virgin

Quote of the moment: "It's not hip-hop, it's electro." (Shaun of the Dead)

Suri Cruise: really....who gives a shit?

Fidel Castro: Cuban cigars are way over-rated (see above response)

Recent Gems: the original version of Gratitude over at Mic-To-Mic

Ticking Clocks: dammit, make it stop!

Xtina Aguilera's New Album: again, like I give a shit

Office Max Brand CD-R's: suck dog balls and I wish I kept the receipt.

Lance Bass Comes Out: yep...didn't see that coming.

Shark Week on the Discovery Channel: absolutely amazing

Stupid Lists Like This: somehow therapeutic