Far From Purrr-Fection

As some of you may have known (or maybe not), I had set out to write weekly reviews on some of the local strip clubs down here in South Florida, but because of time constraints and other real-world shit, I'm scrapping the project but I did want to drop a little science on this one particular joint. A few months back I had a post about one of the all-time coolest strip-clubs down here closing it's doors, but low and behold despite my prediction of it becoming a Starbucks, it changed ownership and reopened it's doors and went from the Bodyshop to something much less stellar called Purrr-Fection. Over the past few months I had been dropping in and chatting with various bartenders and managers and each time I went in, I kept asking myself what the hell was I doing here. While under the original owner, the Bodyshop was a bustling and active strip club on the outskirts of Pompano Beach that seemed limitless and full of possibilities. Regardless if you went in on a Tuesday afternoon at 3pm or if you dropped in at 12:30am on a Saturday night, the party vibe and the atmosphere were always there.


After sitting vacant for a while, the club reopened but, I'm not sure if anybody even knew as there were no signs out front indicating a name nor that they were open for business. As if they read my mind, the following week, a canvas banner was hung out front that simply said that they were open for business and under new management, but alas there was still no name. The parking-lot was always empty and more often then not when I stopped by, I was the only one in there (besides the DJ, the manager, and the bartender). There were a few times that I went in and there wasn't even a dancer there, but I was always told that she was running late and that she was on her way. Hmmmm. If in fact there was a dancer there, there would only be one and it was always the same 35-45 year old woman who looked like she might have stayed up all night smoking crack with her boyfriend and that's not too sexy if you ask me. The problem seemed that since the club reopened, the new owner didn't want to invest any money into advertising and thus nobody (including potential dancers) knew that the place was even there, let alone open. Manager "A" told me that guys would walk in and walk right back out if they didn't have anyone dancing and more often than not, they would never come back and end up going somewhere else. Manager "A" also told me that the few girls that came in and applied would walk out on their first day in the middle of their shift because they weren't even going make enough money to cover their daily payout ($10.00 to the DJ, $20.00 to the house, and $5.00 to the bar).


Dealing with such a catch 22, you would think that a logical plan would be established to first draw in customers with some decent drink specials, but unsurprisingly, this never happened. Under the new owner, the club wasn't licensed to sell liquor, just beer and the prices were a bit on the high-side (even for domestics) so this probably kept out the average working Joe who just wanted to come in for a few beers after a hard day of work. I understand that there is an overhead involved with running a club, but you need to attract a regular clientele so why not offer some sort of happy hour 2 for 1 type of deal? Really, who wants to pay $4.50 for bottle of Bud Light when you can get a whole six pack for just a few dollars more? I could understand if the club was in a high-scale area, but it's not. It's smack dab in the middle of several industrial parks, warehouses, distribution centers, and other blue-collar facilities including the county dump. I had suggested to Manager "A" that perhaps they could do draft beer in addition to bottles but he told me that the owner did not want to invest in the hardware nor did he want to attract that type of crowd. So what type of crowd does he want to attract? The bottom line is that if you don't have the guys in there kicking a few back, then you will not have the dancers wanting to come in and work.


If I was in that position, my first mission would be to get the drinkers in there anyway that I could. Hell, if money was an issue, I would go as far as serving cans of Natty Ice and create as many regulars as possible with various promotions and specials. Once I had a regular clientele established, that's when I would focus on hiring girls. No self-respecting female is going to want to work at a strip-club (oxymoron) that has only one or two guys in there at a time, but really, what do I know? Maybe this guy has a plan and perhaps he'll turn it all around or perhaps it's doors will close again and the old familiar cycle will continue. The Bodyshop was as fun as it was legendary, but it's reincarnation as Purrr-Fection is anything but. Maybe someday, I'll stop back in and make an appearance, but for now, I have closed the doors.

3300 N. Powerline Road
Pompano Beach, FL 33069