MC Chris Live @ Culture Room

MC Chris played to a packed house on Wednesday night at the Culture Room in Ft Lauderdale and the show kicked wicked, wicked ass. The opening band was The Ergs and they were pretty cool as far as opening bands go. The most impressive aspect was that the drummer did all the vocals and didn't even miss a beat. Now that's some Phil Collins type shit. The next band was Snmnmnm and they were cool in the fact that they had no bass player but rather a tuba cat with his shit mic'd to some effects and that in and of-itself was pretty bad-ass. Both bands definitely wet my appetite to hear some high-pitched MC Chris and when he finally came out, talked some shit and busted in Fette's Vette, I was yeah. He definitely knows how to work a crowd and he does it with such ease that it's uncanny at times. He wrapped up with my favorite track DQ Blizzard and needless to say, it brought down the house. After the show I asked John (MC's DJ/music guy) some nerdy technical stuff and gave him one of my CD's (yeah I'm a sucker MC like that). Afterwards, we went out and met MC Chris himself and he's definitely one of the coolest performers I met in a while. We got a pic with him, talked some quick shit, and I gave him one of my CD's (yeah I'm a sucker MC like that). All together it was a night that won't soon be forgotten.