Not Quite The Bottom Just Yet

Well GURU is thee best drum machine plugin ever made as far as I'm concerned and I still can't get over some of the stuff I can do with it! God, I love this shit!

Agrrhh! Nancy Grace is on. She really irritates the hell out of me yet I find myself intrigued by her presence. Hmmm....

Speaking of intriguing, I went out and bought (and subsequently watched) Jacobs Ladder. Excellent flick...a little bizarre but an excellent flick nonetheless.

Excellent Blog with full album downloads: REGNYOUTH ARCHIVES

Need some Combinator patches for Reason? Check out Combinator HQ. I'll be honest though, I'm not really feeling Reason (sorry Butch) and I'm not overly impressed with the overall workflow of the program. The ReDrum module is nice but it takes too damn long to load up drum sounds to make your own patches. Also the fact that if I want to chop drum loops up, I need to do it first within ReCycle, export them as Rex files, and then reopen it with DrRex and that's just too many steps and too much time (especially if I'm in mad-scientist mode). Malstrom and Subtractor sounded nice but the patches were nothing that I couldn't milk out of any of my other soft-synths like Albino or Absynth. I'm not saying that I didn't like Reason, I just think that it really didn't suit my needs the way I thought it would.

Well I recorded some video for that VH1 contest but after watching it for the twenty-third time, I realized that I looked like a complete tool in my tank-top and sunglasses and well...back to the drawing board.

And lastly, heres my lastest artistic endevor....