Just Another Manic Monday

For y'all music peoples out there who make beats and whatnot on their PC, you have to check out FXpansions GURU drum module. It has totally replaced my need for Phatmatik Pro and Battery as it handles chopping and reprogramming with uncanny ease. Other key features include a built in step-sequencer, 8 seperate sampling engines, integrated effects, auto-chopping, and one of the best sample browsers I've ever used. GURU could very well be one of the most revolutionary VST plugins ever written hands down.

Anywho...VH-1 is having this contest called 59 Seconds and its all about sending them a video clip (59 seconds long) of original freestyle rhymes. The winner will eventually will win $10,000 and a meeting with some big-time record executive. I could care less about the meeting bit but the ten-grand does sound pretty nice. I haven't done it yet but I plan to have it done no later than this weekend. This pic to the left is one I took last night at dinner (the Old Key Lime House in Lantana just in case you were wondering).

Heres a link of a bunch of glitchcore tracks (Darkmatter, Praxis, Suburban Trash, etc) that you can literally fill your HD up with.

Firefox kicks ass!