Casiohardcore - Pugs on Drugs (2005)

If you have a pug, you should never let them do drugs. Recorded and released in 2005, Pugs on Drugs was one of those projects that started off as one thing and ended up as something entirely different. Originally, this was going to be a collaboration, but the project ended up stalling out after a several weeks due to creative differences. I had already designed the cover art and I really liked the name, so rather than let it go to waste, I decided to release it as-is. Listening to it nearly twenty years later, it sounds incomplete. The production aspect is great, but I recorded vocals and scratches for most of the tracks, but left them out at the last minute. There were also a bunch of samples that I removed as well, but cannot remember exactly why. On a more memorable note, I believe that this was the first project that I recorded entirely in Ableton Live using Drum Rack and my Trigger Finger controller.
Shank Tool
Monkey Bay Blues
Eye of the Hurricane
Out-Call Only
Morally Bankrupt