Nag Champa: Sai Baba & Shanthimalai

Blue or Red?

Anybody that knows me, or that has been in my house or studio has always complimented my choice of incense, which for the most part has always been Sai Baba Nag Champa in the classic blue and white box. Occasionally, I'll go through short lived patchouli and tropical phases, but I always end up back at Nag Champa, mainly because it's the base of that delicious headshop smell that I love so much. Whilst ordering my monthly 100gm box from Amazon, this other Nag Champa popped up as a suggested item, and I was immediately taken in by the design on the box. All of the reviews were stellar, and many implied that if you liked the blue box Nag Champa, you would definitely like the red box Nag Champa. With minimal hesitation, I ordered this rogue incense, and two days later, my Shanthimalai Red Nag Champa arrived and holy shit; it smells fantastic! It's hard to describe the scent, but it's definitely different than the Sai Baba which I've grown accustomed to; maybe it's a bit spicier? More woodsy? Whatever it is, I'm definitely a fan and look forward through burning through the box over the next several weeks. Don't get me wrong, I still love the Sai Baba blue box, but the red is most certainly a pleasant break from the norm. Now back to my hazy little bubble...
Red or Blue?