The Miami Bass Ableton Live Project

No snares, no hats, no percussion; just bass. 

When Eric G. started sampling the sustained kick drum from the Roland TR-808 into the Emu SP-1200, he instantly changed the production game by introducing multi-tonal bass that resonated in headphones, trunks, and boomboxes everywhere. Suffice to say, this unique sound redefined how Miami Bass (as well as hip-hop in general) was produced and took the focus from the analog beatbox to the all-in-one sampler/drum machine. As an homage to all of the amazing music that I grew up on and still love so much, and of course to use in my own music, I created an Ableton Live Drum Rack that contains no snares, no claps, no hats, no toms, nor rimshots....just deep, punchy, and often sustained bass kicks with an ever-so-slight touch of bit reduction. This project is based on the ill.Gates 128 method, so if you're familiar with those, then you probably understand what this is and know how it works. If not, simply follow the directions below....

You will need the following: 

Ableton Live + Drum Rack

Strongly suggested components: 8 MIDI pads + 8 knobs

PLEASE NOTE: This was made in Live 9.1 on a Windows PC, so I cannot confirm if this will work in earlier versions or on other platforms. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated!

How to install: 
Click the included Miami Bass.als file OR you can drag and drop the Miami Bass.als onto any open project in Ableton Live - that's it!

How to operate: 
Once the file is open in Live, you will have a Drum Rack which utilizes eight pads, and each of these pads contains anywhere between 16 and 24 individual sub bass/kick samples. The sample selector for each pad is mapped to a macro, which in turn can be mapped to any of the knobs on your MIDI controller. Each of the eight drum channels has its own bit reduction effect in order to loosely emulate the legendary "ringing" of SP-1200 drum machine/sampler. Lastly, to circumvent triggering multiple kicks simultaneously each drum pad is assigned to the same choke group, and although this, like any of the sampler/channel settings here can be changed, I strongly suggest keeping the choke group as-is. 
The sounds:
Each of the 8 pads has its own unique samples, and whereas they definitely lend themselves to Miami Bass, they can also be used for hip-hop, drum and bass, trap, twerk, christian death metal, ambient goth rock, acid yodeling, or whenever deep-ass 808 kicks and subs are needed. Mmmmmm.....subs. The decay has not been mapped, nor has the pitch, but this is something that you can do on your end, however it's probably not necessary. Just stick with the eight pads and eight knobs and you should be a'ight!

This is my first shot at making a distributable Ableton Live project, so I'm hoping that it works for everybody. Ch-check it out and let me know what you think!


(114mb via direct download)