Stupid Strikes Again

George Zimmerman vs. DMX

Apparently, Georgie Boy doesn't quite understand what it means to keep a low profile, and clearly; DMX is no longer the Rough Rider that he once was. I really don't understand why this story made it to CNN's front page, but alas it did and it's absolutely sickening. Besides that fact that CNN is little more than tabloid news these days, why is this so-called celebrity boxing match even being planned? I know the attention span of the American sheep is incredibly short, but it wasn't too long ago when ol' Zim-Zam was public enemy number one and death threats were thrown around like birdseed after a wedding ceremony. He's not a hero by any means, and regardless of your feelings on the case; his acquittal should have introduced him to a quiet life and keeping the fuck out of the media spotlight...or any spotlight for that matter. If anything, he should have kept a painfully low profile for several years (no interviews, no traffic infractions, and definitely no threatening girlfriends) and perhaps penned a book or two about his experiences. I would think that he has some sort of legal representation, but the fact that he's trying to celebrity box DMX makes me think otherwise. For starters, celebrity boxing is garbage and it's a weak attempt for attention and notoriety after your glory days have passed. Thing is, Zimmy is not a celebrity, and I have to believe that he's still a fairly hated human being. I can only imagine what would happen if he wandered the streets of Overtown after dark...or at any time of the day for that matter. Look, I have no hatred or ill will towards either, but this whole thing is fucking ridiculous. If you want to/need to read more, TMZ has you covered.
(end rant)