The Neil Rogers Show - Audio Archives

I don't recall how it came to be, but sometime around 1994 I started listening to Neil Rogers on 610 WIOD, and if I'm not mistaken, it was around the time of the infamous OJ Simpson Bronco chase. I've never been a fan of talk radio, let alone the radio in general, but for some reason, Neil blew my mind. He was brash and obnoxious, but more importantly, he was hilarious. As to be expected, South Florida, Broward County specifically, provided the perfect fodder for this angry man and I listened faithfully as I roamed/skateboarded around the town. Once I called in and talked to Neil for about 20 seconds until he hung up on me and called me an asshole. He thought that I was trying to disguise my voice, which I wasn't, so he abruptly hung up on me. Nonetheless, I remained a fan until the very end. 

Whilst browsing the web, I stumbled upon The Neil Rogers Show - Audio Archives and my mind was immediately hurled back to simpler times...specifically 1987 through 2009. This site has hundreds, if not thousands of hours worth of The Neil Rogers Show archived for free and direct download! Enjoy!