Suggested Viewing: Revenge For Jolly!

So I was looking for something different and interesting to watch this weekend and I somehow stumbled upon this gem of a film. Per the terse, albeit honest synopsis via IMDB, Revenge For Jolly! is a film about a man that recruits his cousin to find out who is behind his dog's suspicious death. Although the tagline makes it sound very cut and dry, there is a lot of genius behind this film and despite the cliche, almost comedic layout of the movie poster, Revenge For Jolly! is not your typical laugh-out-loud comedy. It's dark, violent, and in a lot of ways; very surreal. I don't want to give away too much, however if you're looking for something different to watch, particularly in the dark-comedy genre, I strongly suggest seeking out and finding Revenge For Jolly! You won't be sorry!