The Surrealism of Life

Musically, I'm in a strange void.

The salad days of getting stoned and jamming for hours on end are no longer as appealing as they once were, well....the stoned part is still cool, but the endless tweaking, chopping, and layering just doesn't get me off like it once did. I have several half-assed/half-completed tracks that I've been working on recently, but they're just blah. For inspiration, I copped a new notebook to possibly jot down some lyrics, but as of now, it's serving as a log for my current photography kick, which leads us to the pictures above...

The top image  is the sunrise over Deerfield Beach on a Sunday morning in July, and the second image is also Deerfield Beach, but as Tropical Storm Issac passed by in late August.  The last image is a dead bird that I found in my backyard on a dreary day.

Collectively, I call them The Death Dream

Images taken with a Panasonic DMC-LX2