Roland HD-1 + XLN Addictive Drums = Sick!

For the past few years, I've been dueling between getting another acoustic drum kit or investing in a digital kit, and whereas they both have their own pros and cons, I finally decided on going the digital route.

Say what you will, but personally I've never been overly impressed with the sounds of digital drum kits because for the most part, sure, they sounded real, but maybe a bit too sterilized for my taste. The main reason that I wanted a digital kit was for the MIDI aspect, so that I can use it as a controller within Ableton and trigger custom drum sounds via the Drum Rack, or more specifically; XLN Audio's Addictive Drums.

There's something so incredibly cool about playing 'The Funky Drummer' and using high-quality drum samples that sound like they were lifted directly from Clyde Stubblefield's trap kit; it's orgasmic perhaps, and whereas I can't speak for everyone's set-up, I have literally zero latency when using asio4all and the trigger response is eerily tight. I was a tad skeptical about the hi-hat and kick pedals, but again, the response is eerily tight. Like I said, since I'm using the kit as a MIDI controller, I will happily go on record and say the internal ten drum kits are mediocre at best. If you really want to unlock the potential of this beast, you will definitely want to use it to trigger sounds from your DAW. With that said, the only downside is that the MIDI notes cannot be edited on the kit itself and although they are the standard drum mapping, if you need to switch notes, you'll need to do it within your drum plugin.

In summation, this is a sick piece of sick and I foresee many long hours turned days banging out beats and exploring the nether regions of my rhythmic subconscious.