From The Desk Of Mr. Boylston

So perhaps you've been wondering where the hell I am, if I am going to upload any music, drop another radio show, or provide y'all with any quality substance. To address those concerns:

I'm alive and well, but I've been working on quite a few projects lately which have distracted me from my usual brand of internet nerdyness. For starters, I finally released the latest doo-doo rhyme from the stable called Strippers With The Shitz which for the moment is only available for streaming via MySpace. While there, make sure you peep some of my other joints, especially My Mind Is Going featuring vocals by none other than DJ Das Cook. In addition to working on my own shit, I've been putting in some work with this hardcore band and we're working on throwing some shit down in the very near future so stay tuned for that. So between that, working, and just living this crazy life, time is definitely not on my side.

Speaking of crazy, here's the video for It Feels Like by BS2000...

Since (for the moment) I don't have too much to offer y'all personally, here are some bad-ass links and might I suggest that you invest in a premium Rapidshare account to take full advantage of all the downloadable goodies...

AUDIOZ - VST plugins, sample CDs (many in AKAI format), and other audio-warez that are bound to inspire some creativity!

ELECTRONIC MUSIC COMMUNITY - Holy freaking crap!!! Sample CDs, VST plugins, audio-warez, and loads of other cool shit!

MAGESY.COM - Many sample CDs, VST plugins, and audio-warez. This shit it top-notch!!!

OFFICIAL INSTRUMENTALS - Do you lust after the instrumental versions of hip-hop tracks like me? If so, check out this site! It's the mutt's nutts as far as I'm concerned!!!

PEREZ HILTON - If you like staying on top of all the catty Hollywood gossip, then check out the Queen of All Media.


That's all I have for the moment.... Stand by for further instructions!!!