Another Public Service Announcement

Since I've returned to the cyber-world, I've had nothing but trouble with my email account and it seems that a lot of the legit emails and shit that I've received have somehow ended up in my spam folder and have ultimately been deleted. If you've dropped me an email in the past month or so and I haven't responded, this could very well be the reason. I've been going through the process of weeding out what's what, but it's a bit time consuming so I may just create a new email account just for the sake of the blog.

From what I've seen there have been lots of request to re-up shit that has since expired or been deleted. I wish that I had the time to re-up each and every file, but sadly I hardly have time to scratch my own ass let alone to zip and upload files. If you're after any of the Sample Source Collections (Public Enemy, De La Soul, Cypress Hill, etc.) that I posted a while back, and if you're a Soulseek user, look me up under the user name of "evilmiscreant" (minus the quotes). In addition, you can browse through a partial collection of my MP3s, audiowares, dirty movies, music videos, and various softwares. If you still can't find what you're looking for, might I suggest one of the best music forums on the planet: Skafunkrastapunk. It's about as eclectic as it gets and is defiantly a place to find some far out shit. I'm not saying that I won't re-up files, but at the moment, I'm in the midst of working on the new CASIO HARDCORE project and it takes up a bit of my time.

And lastly...

I feel sorta like a sellout especially since I talked so much shit about it a while back, but I went ahead and rejoined the evil internet cult known as MySpace, but only so people can check out my beats and whatnot without having to download stuff (apparently a lot of non-nerds have a hard time understanding file hosting sites and unzipping files). At the moment, my page is as plain as it gets but you can still check out my doo-doo beats and retarded rhymes and peep some pics and whatnot.

Tommy B aka CASIO HARDCORE @ MySpace