Neighborhood Haps

So me and my neighbors from downstairs got into it the other night at like 5:00am! They were being WICKED loud...I mean like fucking obnoxiously loud and normally, I'm cool about partying and stuff but this was a bit much. Just picture of whole bunch of drunk Brazillian men talking lots of loud foreign shit blasting silly-ass uber-cheese trance music. I got dressed and went downstairs and knocked and POLITELY asked them if they could try to keep it down and this one drunk dude comes at me like he's starting some shit. I back away and asked him again, a little less politely this time, to keep it down and he starts coming up the stairs after me. I went back in the house but when I realized the guy was still on the landing, I went back outside. His friends had come out and tried to get him back inside but he just got louder and louder. At this point, I DEMANDED that he keep it down and then he busts out with "I dont know why you're complaining cause I'm the one that has to listen to you banging your old lady at all hours of the day". Whoa.

Curiously enough, there have been times when (whilst being intimate) an unknown neighbor has banged on their wall as if telling us to keep it down. We always laughed at it but never quite knew if it was the people next to us or the people downstairs but at 5:04am on that early Sunday morning...the mystery was no more.

So in the midst of this guy's drunken stupor/tirade, my jaw hits the floor and I just laughed in his face and walked strutted back inside and put away the baseball bat (um...I guess I left that part out). Well the guys friends wrangled him back inside and although it took a few minutes longer than I would have liked, the noise level faded away and thus ended the night. No, it's not good to have conflicts with neighbors but sometimes, its just inevitable...especially when they piss you off.

Stay tuned.