Holy Flashback

Back in 2001 a DJ/producer friend of mine had somehow secured a part on a KISS tribute album that was going to be distributed on a local indie label and he wanted to collaborate with yours truly. The song that we we're going to be doing was Let's Put The X In Sex and I remember using old school Napster to seek out and download it. A few days later I went out to his studio with my trusty Alesis SR16 loaded with some drums that I had put together. We get out there (we as me and my girlfriend at the time) and there's a small gathering of people all hanging out, smoking, and talking shit...

The concept of the album was to be cover songs from KISS's era when they stopped wearing their make-up and honestly, I had no desire what-so-ever to do this track but I hate passing up any chance to get heard.

I hooked up to the mixer and we auditioned drums and when we found the right kit, we recorded it to his SP909. Up until now, I figured my part on this project was going to drums but for some reason, Larry wanted me to do the main vocals. Normally, I love the mic but my heart was so many light years away from this that even if I faked it hardcore, it still wouldn't be enough. Keeping in mind that there were people hanging at the studio, I had to stand there mic checking and reciting the wack-ass words over and over and man, I felt like an ass and to make it worse, my girlfriend was getting all pissy and moany.

Several hours and an argument on the walk to Dunkin Donuts later I had finally had my fill. I told her to wait outside for 5 minutes while I went back in and recorded one last take of the vocals. I go in, grab the mic, fake the vocals, unhook my drum machine, and peaced out and didn't even listen to the playback...

Geez...this seems like lifetime ago.

So the other day, I found this link that made reference to that KISS tribute album we were supposedly a part of so many years ago. Here's the link. Ahk!!! I had never heard it in it's finished form until now and I have NO idea what I was thinking. There's an audio preview here but the it only works with IE (ahk!!!) so keep that in mind if you're using Firefox (as you already should) and if you're so inclined and you can even pay $.99 for the MP3 download. The vocals sound (unintentionally) ridiculous and those drums...what in the hell man?!

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