It's a Mad World

Jennifer Wilbanks (the runaway bride) sells her story and makes some sweet moolah. The three missing boys from New Jersey were found dead in the trunk of an abandoned car after they somehow got stuck inside. Paul Winchell (the guy that did the voice of Tigger) just passed away. A 14 year-old girl was killed by a shark near Destin, FL. Who knows what the hell's going on with Natalee Holloway down in Aruba. That 11 year-old kid who disappeared from Scout camp was found alive but it turned out that he was hiding from his potential rescuers. Tom Cruise is a bit of a wack job. 6 people murdered in Yuma, Arizona. More suicide bombings in Iraq and well...there you are.

So how was your week?

Moving on to some cool web stuff...This is what happens when you take some Usher and mix in a little Napoleon Dynamite: YEAH! It's pretty funny especially if you're a fan of ND. This is very morbid but interesting at the same time; it's the transcription (and in some cases audio) from the infamous airplane black-boxes from various air disasters. The audio from the August 31, 1988 Delta crash has got to be the worst one because at the very last moment you can hear the screams of the pilots as the plane crashes. It's very surreal but definitely worth checking out. Lastly, I've spent the past few days reworking my website so make sure you give it a peep or two.