Putting A Black Eye In The Gang

Its pretty late and I should be sleeping but it's been a while since I've rambled...

I still don't believe that I found a brand new FLAT PANEL monitor in the trash the other night. Its a ViewSonic VA550 and since hooking it up, I can see how truly shitty my old Relsys monitor was. I guess now that I'm doing this blog thingy, I can start posting some pics and whatnot of the strange and wacky shit I encounter on an almost daily basis and speaking of wacky; here's a nice pic of my black-eye. Its freakin' sexy.

But anyway...I cant think of anything else to say right now. Oh yeah, I wrote this pretty cool beat earlier and I just need to tweak it up a bit more and then I'll drop it in Sonar and do it all dirty from in there.

God...MTV & VH1 totally suck nowadays. I still remember the good old days where you would rarely see the same video twice in one day. Oh, how things have changed.