Foo-Foo Drinks, Free Pizza, and Mr Bubble

So today was a pretty cool day as far as cool days go...

There was a pre-rush hour crash this morning on I-95 as I took Ashlyn to school and we snapped a decent pic. Yikes. That cannot be a good way to start your Monday.

So after a cool day of lounging around and enjoying a few Pina Coladas at the Pompano Pier, we came home, watched Napoleon Dynamite for the thousandth time, ordered a pizza (which actually turned out to be free), and then Ashlyn some little girl I've never seen before poured a half bottle of Mr Bubble in the hot tub. Now before all the hot tub mischief, Jocelyn got stuck talking to the crazy lady of our complex. She rambled on and on about ducks, Manhattan, and I'm not sure what else because I was fortunate enough to walk away and wait inside for the pizza to come.

So how was the pizza free? We had ordered a pizza a few weeks ago and it took a god-awful long time so I called Papa Johns and asked whats up? They apologized and the pizza eventually showed up. Fast-forward a few weeks...I opened the mail and there was this coupon from PJ's asking for us to give them another chance and it offered a free large two-topping pie. To make the whole deal even sweeter, the driver tonight didn't even take coupon. Ha-ha suckers.

In the immortal words of Ice Cube...Today Was A Good Day