Rippin Bonus Beats

There was a knock at my door earlier and when I opened the door, there was a white box sitting on the ground addressed to me. I opened it and low and behold it was the Sir-Mix-A-Lot 12" for Rippin that I had ordered off of eBay a few days ago. I 've been trying to get this on vinyl for years simply for the "bonus beats". I was at this party several years back and the kid who was spinning dropped the Rippin beats in the midst of this sick-ass breaks mix and it damn near blew my mind. I tried to explain the coolness of the beat to this chick that I was with and well...she just didn't get it. I also found this old track Inspector Gadget by Kartoon Krew on eBay. Its this old school hip-hop record from 1985 that used the Inspector Gadget theme as its backbone. I only heard this track once and it was back in 1986 on this mixtape that my friend's brother had and somehow made some sort of impact on me. So yeah...that's on the way. Stay tuned.